LGB Model Trains Through Time

Published: 12th July 2010
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LGB Model Train is the most popular brand of the G scale model. It originated in Germany in the year 1910 and was invented by a known inventor, Emst Paul Lehmann. The G scale, or garden trains were known for its scale of 1:22.5, which is 1/20th size of a real train. LGB was among the companies who produced even a G scale model train for a while.

LGB model trains were developed on the onset of how real trains affect the lives of people. During this time passenger trains became a mark of technology and sophistication in Europe and America allowing a lot of romance to develop into the lives of train passengers. This reality became a reflection inspired to each LGB model train, making its history very interesting.

LGB is the acronym for Lehmann Gross Bahn, a German term which means Lehmann Big Train. The company became the leader of G scale model trains in a short span of time, making it the most popular producer of G scale. The best feature of LGB was its being built with great durability and waterproofing, that can allow the trains to be left outdoors year round.

In the 1980's, LGB Model Trains were started to be produced in California. This was how the collection of G scale trains, or the garden trains became a trend. By the 1990's, LGB multi-train system was developed. This time, two trains can be run on just a single track. This discovery increased the options for LGB Model Train layouts, where it was also known possible to reduce the space used for LGB model train layouts.

The first LGB locomotive was a model of a small Austrian engine named "Stainz". You will find this locomotive in the LGB logo that appears even in modern production. Today, the ever-growing LGB program includes 150 freight trucks and passenger carriers, more than 600 quality G-scale model railway items, including steam, diesel and electric locomotives. In addition, there are more LGB accessories to choose from. Although few LGB lines are higher than the price of other model trains, you can find anything that you might be looking for almost anywhere model trains are sold.

LGB model trains are made with very high quality durable enough to run outdoors. Major body parts are weather resistant that the trains are capable of running in the sun and rain the year round. These model trains are also complete with railway track sections that connect quickly without tools. The electrical connections are basically simple, and the digital sound locomotives work automatically.

LGB Model Trains continue to be popularly manufactured in Europe and America despite the recent financial crisis. Purchased by Marklin in 2007, LGB model train company was known to be the largest manufacturer of G-scale model railways for both indoor and outdoor layouts.

If you are looking for a wider range of supplies for your model railroading, perhaps starting with LGB Model Trains can give you a good catch.

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